Where is Brighton Australia? Map of Brighton | Where is Map

Where is Brighton Australia? Map of Brighton

One of the most popular visits that can be made from Melbourne is to the multi-photographed Brighton Beach. Somewhat far from the city center, it is very accessible by public transport and in this article we want to tell you a little about the visit, how to go, and some other additional curious fact.

Where is Brighton Australia
Where is Brighton Australia

First things first: Brighton is a residential suburb of Melbourne located about 12 kilometers from the city center (the famous CBD). It is an upper middle class coastal area (there are houses in front of the beach very nice) and is basically a residential place.

The main reason why many tourists come to this place is because of the colorful booths that are lined up on the sand facing the sea and that have become very popular among visitors (who want their photos for social networks, we are not going to deny it).

Beyond the visit for this specific purpose, the truth is that you can take the opportunity to spend a nice beach day (if the climate of Victoria allows it) and enjoy the sea, the waves and the wind. At least, that’s what we tried to do, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get to know this famous place, but we didn’t want to make the trip just for the photo, so we opted to stay a few hours soaking up some sun and enjoying Brighton Beach in all its splendor.

The spa city of Brighton, just over eight square kilometers in area, is located eleven kilometers southeast of Melbourne, within the State of Victoria, Australia. The area began to be known in the first half of the XIX century, when an English gentleman bought land there, in what was then called Port Phillip.

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