What Continent is Micronesia in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Micronesia in?

Is Micronesia a continent?

Micronesia is considered a hidden gem in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, a particular exotic destination for a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature.

Is Micronesia a continent
Is Micronesia a continent

Located north of Papua New Guinea and east of the Philippines, Micronesia can be reached from Italy with a few hours of travel and at least 2 ports of call.

It is a destination indicated especially for honeymooners or for those looking for an exotic destination, far away and out of the ordinary.


Planning a trip to Micronesia, however, is no small matter.

In order not to risk surprises, you need to plan everything carefully, buy tickets for flights in advance and carefully choose where to stay.

What Continent is Micronesia in
What Continent is Micronesia in

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