What Continent is Mali in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Mali in?

Is Mali in Africa or Asia?


Bamako. Located in the south of Mali and crossed by Niger, it is a lively and extremely pleasant capital where various ethnic groups live together. The city extends north of the river where in the past appeared its first inhabitants dedicated to fishing. Sheltered to the north by weak heights that shelter it from the hot desert winds, it has some rock paintings in the caves to the north of the city that testify to the first prehistoric settlements.

What Continent is Mali in
What Continent is Mali in

Not anonymous at all, it has maintained the colonial aspect that has always characterized it, although some high modern buildings have grown, without forgetting the traditional architecture, as in the case of the tower of the Central Banque des Etats de l’Afrique de l’ou Moderna that recalls the architecture of clay mosques. The National Museum is an ethnographic museum with many exhibits that testify to the complex artistic life of the country, a rich collection of tapestries, masks, funerary objects and weapons. To the east of the Great Mosque extends the old city, which has preserved all its charm, with its perpendicular streets that enclose blocks protected by walls, behind which live more families as in small villages. The area of the Grand Market is the most lively with stalls arranged everywhere along the sidewalks, there are the most diverse things, from colorful fabrics to stuffed animals. In the residential district of Badalabougou, on the other side of the long bridge over the Niger, the villas of businessmen are located.

Is Mali in Africa or Asia
Is Mali in Africa or Asia

The official language is French. Arabic is also spoken, but the Bambara dialect is used by most of the population.


Most of the population is Muslim (80%).

The most popular sport is football.

Time zone
An hour behind Italy.

Distance from Italy
Mali can be reached from Italy by plane. The flight time from Milan and Rome to Bamako is approximately 7-8 hours depending on the stopover and the company.

The currency in force in Mali is the Franc of the African Financial Community (CFA).

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