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Is China in Asia Or Europe?

China has no less than 5,000 kilometers of border, thus offering varied landscapes. It is thus neighboring with Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan and much more! If in the east, we find rather plains, mountains, deserts and steppes, this is not the case in the west.

Is China in Asia Or Europe?
Is China in Asia Or Europe?

In this part of the country, you will discover plateaus and massifs. But China is also islands. Some are natural, others are not. They are thus implanted in the different seas: the eastern Sea, the southern Sea and the Yellow Sea. In all, the geography of China extends over 9,596,960 square kilometers, including 14,500 kilometers of coastline. The Chinese territory is 97% composed of soil and 3% of water.


On its territory, China has managed to create large cities, like Shanghai. Inhabited by 14.4 million people, the city spreads over 6,340 square kilometers. In particular, it has the second largest port in the world, thus allowing it to develop economically. the city is located in the east of the country, near the Yangzi Jiang River. After Shanghai, the largest city is Beijing.

Now called Beijing, it brings together more than 12.7 million people. If we count the cities and towns of its agglomeration, its population amounts to 17.4 billion. Which is enough to be exotic if you come from France! Its international airport is one of the largest in the world. The city of Beijing is the political capital of China. Finally, the city of Canton, belonging to the province of Guangdong, does not have to pale. With its 11.8 million inhabitants, it is the third largest city. It extends over 7,434 square kilometers. It enjoys a humid subtropical climate, punctuated by mild winters and hot summers.

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