What Continent is Egypt in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Egypt in?

Is Egypt part of Africa or Asia?

Egypt has an area of one million square kilometers and represents the thirteenth of the African continent. Egypt is crossed by the Nile, one of the largest rivers on earth, 6700 km long.

What Continent is Egypt in
What Continent is Egypt in

The river flows into the Mediterranean Sea with the most famous delta mouth in the world, the Nile delta is the most fertile area of the country, along with the green Nile Valley. The rest of Egypt is almost entirely desert. There are two deserts in Egypt, the Libyan desert in the West and the Eastern desert in the East.

The country is politically bordered by Libya and Israel, as the territory of the Sinai Peninsula borders the small Gaza strip and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Is Egypt part of Africa or Asia
Is Egypt part of Africa or Asia

These great deserts, which make up the vast majority of the Egyptian environment, enclose many precious oases where in the midst of the dryness of the hot sands sprout natural springs of water.

In these lucky places the flora and fauna are rich in precious biodiversity to protect. At the southern border of Egypt we find Sudan, while to the North Egypt faces the Mediterranean and constitutes the most extremely southern and eastern coast.


The Nile River also gives rise to many spectacular canals and lakes, such as Lake Nasser on which you could experience the thrill of a beautiful river cruise.

On the Red Sea there are many commercial trades that connect the Mediterranean Sea with the Pacific Ocean, today as thousands of years ago! This is thanks to the Suez Canal, a fundamental commercial hub at a global level, which can be visited by tourists. The Red Sea is almost a closed sea, in fact the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba are very narrow coves.

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