What Continent is Italy in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Italy in?

Where is Italy?

Italy is a peninsula in the shape of a boot and has numerous islands: the largest are Sardinia and Sicily, but there are also many smaller and grouped into archipelagos, such as the Tuscan archipelago that includes the Island of Elba.


From the mountain point of view we can mention: the chain of the Alps, which belongs to different states and by convention is divided into Western and Eastern Alps, separated by the transverse line that crosses Lake Como. The highest peaks are located in the Western Alps, such as Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Monte Matterhorn. In the Eastern Alps are the Dolomites, famous for their forms created from limestone rocks. All the chains descend very gradually towards the Po Valley opening in a fan towards the Prealps.

What Continent is Italy in
What Continent is Italy in

The Po Valley is the largest, has an almost triangular shape, this plain is of alluvial origin. The second plain by extension is the Tavoliere di Puglia, among other minor plains there is the Campidano in Sardinia. The Italian rivers are divided into: those that are born in the Alps and those that are born in the Apennines. The alpine rivers of glacial origin such as the Po’, the Ticino, the Adda, are longer and have a rather irregular flow. The Apennine rivers have a shorter course and have a torrential regime, such as the Arno, the Tiber and the Volturno.

Where is Italy
Where is Italy

The largest lake is Lake Garda, followed by Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. In the Apennine region the lakes are less extensive, and some are of volcanic origin, such as Lake Bolsena and Lake Bracciano.

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