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Where is Malta? On The World Map

Where is Malta? On The World Map – Malta is a picturesque island state, lying in the Mediterranean Sea, near Sicily and Tunisia. It occupies an island archipelago consisting of three inhabited islands – Malta, Gozo and Kamino, as well as small islands and rock formations. This is the only European country where there are no permanent rivers and natural reservoirs.

Where is Malta?

Malta is very popular with tourists. Travelers are attracted by clean Maltese beaches, picturesque nature, colorful festivals, and many architectural monuments.

The archipelago has a long history, and on it you can see the buildings of different eras: the ruins of temples, medieval fortresses, ancient palaces, cathedrals, and squares. The most visited attractions are concentrated in the capital of the country Valletta.

Map of Malta

Picture of Malta

Map of Malta
Where is Malta

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