What Continent are the Balkans in? | Where is Map

What Continent are the Balkans in?

Is Balkan in Asia Or Europe?

The Balkans are a region of southeastern Europe. It is also known as the Balkan Peninsula, although geographers would say that this name is slightly controversial, since the region proper is not limited to the peninsula itself and the geographical features of the peninsula do not entirely qualify it to be considered a peninsula.

The Balkans consist of twelve countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Romania. Each of them has a unique character and culture.


The history of the Balkans is nothing short of eventful. The region has been a crossroads of cultures since prehistoric times. During antiquity, the area was part of the Greek and Roman Empires, only to be conquered by the Slavic tribes, whose attacks on the Roman Empire helped to end his reign.

This collision of cultures throughout history has caused the heterogeneous religious map we see today. Byzantine influence is evidenced by the Catholic and Orthodox populationwhile traces of the Ottoman Empire are visible in the Islamic and Christian communities.

Is Balkan in Asia Or Europe
Is Balkan in Asia Or Europe

Unfortunately, this diversity has not only enriched the culture of the Balkans, but has also contributed to making it more difficult to manage. conflict. Six of the previously listed Balkan countries were part ofug To add to the turbulent history, the event that sparked the First World War Also in the Balkans a conflict occurred, when Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Saraevo

Despite its troubled past, this is a region full of easy-going and fun-loving people.The Balkans are a region rich in traditions, amazing foods and cultural diversity-read on to find out all about the Balkans.

What Continent are the Balkans in
What Continent are the Balkans in

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