Where is Game of Thrones filmed?

Where is Game of Thrones? – The world of the Seven Kingdoms is diverse, so several film crews have to travel around the world every year to faithfully depict the frost or heat of residents of different kingdoms. Below are the countries in which the series was shot.

Where is Game of Thrones

  • Northern Ireland (1-8 season)
  • Scotland (1 season)
  • Morocco (1, 3 season)
  • Malta (1 season)
  • Iceland (2-3 season)
  • Croatia (2-6 season)
  • Spain (Season 5-8)

Usually half of the season is filmed in Northern Ireland first of all studio shootings at Painting Hall, as well as full-scale shooting in local forests and on the coast.

Map of Game of Thrones

Picture of Game of Thrones

Where is Game of Thrones
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