Where is Varaždin Croatia? Map of Varaždin | Where is Map

Where is Varaždin Croatia? Map of Varaždin

Varazdin is a small town located in the north of Croatia, very close to Austria, so it has been influenced by the neighboring country in the construction of its Baroque-style palaces and a most romantic historical center, being known by Croats as the “Little Vienna”.

Where is Varaždin Croatia
Where is Varaždin Croatia
Map of Varaždin
Map of Varaždin

Varazdin occupies a special place in Croatia as it was the capital of the country from 1767 to the year 1776. Due to the fact that the city suffered a huge fire that left it badly damaged, the capital was moved to Zagreb.

The visit to Varazdin was our first contact with Croatia. We arrived on time at 9:30 am at Zagreb airport, and after collecting our suitcases and the rental car that would accompany us in these eight days through the Croatian country, we set off for the old capital of Croatia, located 85 kilometers north of Zagreb.

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