Where is The Philippines? Located in The World? The Philippines Map | Where is Map

Where is The Philippines? Located in The World? The Philippines Map

Where is The Philippines? / Where is The Philippines Located in The World? / The Philippines Map – The Philippines is located in the west of the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia and consists of 7,641 islets of large size. Covering 300,000 square kilometers of land, the Philippines consists of three main geographical parts. The Philippines has no land connection with other countries.

Where is Philippines

The Philippines is located near the countries of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. The Philippines, which has a magnificent nature, sandy beaches and rainforests, welcomes many tourists. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, which is one of the most popular places of tourism. The most populous city in the country is Quezon City.

The official language of the Philippines is Philippine and English. In addition to these two languages, approximately 180 different languages are spoken throughout the country. The country’s currency is the Philippine pesos. Christianity is the most common religion in the Philippines, a secular state. The Philippines does not require visas for visits not exceeding 30 days from citizens of many countries. There is a direct flight from America to the Philippines.

Manila : Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is the country’s largest city with 1,78 million inhabitants. You should first choose this area because it is worth it for the cosmopolitan city structure, colorful nightlife and shopping. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas in this city. If you get here, visit these structures. Visit here from December to May. Rainfall in other months is seen a lot.

Banaue : Banaue, located north of Luzon Island, the largest island of the Philippines, is a town worth seeing with its wonderful nature and paddy fields. When the Philippines is called, it first comes to mind sea, sand, sun and diving. Because there are many islands here. In addition, the country itself is a country of jewelry. This town has rice fields made without any machine. In my opinion, a man should not die without seeing the 2,000-year-old Banaue paddy fields. According to the Philippines, this is Earth’s 8th. it’s amazing. These brass terraces were listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995. The best time to see rice terraces is June – July. Also located in the village of Batad, to the east of the city, there are very beautiful brass terraces.

Bohol : Bohol is a city located in the Central Visayas district of the Philippines. This city is the top 10 of the Philippines. also known as the island. The hills in the city have made the city quite attractive. The hills that turn from Green to brown during the dry season are known as Chocolate peaks. There are 1268 small cone-shaped peaks here. These hills attract many tourists throughout the year. Apart from this, limestone karstic rocks and dazzling white sandy beaches are a great place to enjoy a great holiday.

Quick facts

Population 103,775,002
Density 348.0 / km2 ( 901.4 / mi2 )
Languages English, Tagalog
Independence Year 1946
Capital Manila (Metro Manila)
Currency Philippine Peso
GDP 285,000,000,000 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 2,746 (2014 data)
Land Area 298,170 km2 (115,124 mi2)
Water Area 1,830 km2 (707 mi2)
Minimum Longitude 116.930
Maximum Longitude 126.600
Mininum Latitude 4.650
Maximum Latitude 20.840


Map of Philippines

Picture of Philippines

Where is The Philippines - Where is The Philippines Located in The World - The Philippines Map
Where is The Philippines – Where is The Philippines Located in The World – The Philippines Map

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