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What Continent is Guinea in?

West African state; includes the stretch of Atlantic coast extended from Cape Roo The territory is bordered at N by Senegal, a E and S by Guinea, and is washed at O by the Atlantic Ocean.


Guinea Guinea a West African state that borders Guinea-Bissau and Senegal to the northwest, Mali to the northeast, Ivory Coast to the east and southeast, Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south. Guinea can be divided into four zones: the coastal plain belt, the Fouta D altopiano vegetazione.La Guinea’s beauty lies in its immense green spaces, such as natural parks including the most important Nim, it has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

What Continent is Guinea in
What Continent is Guinea in

The continental part of the territory consists of a flat region, consisting exclusively of alluvial deposits, between a mountainous area on the southern slopes of the Fouta D. The main ones (Cacheu, Geba and Corubal) are navigable, albeit with difficulty, by boats of modest size. The island lands have remained isolated a few miles from the coast in a geologically recent period, following a large marine entrance: the major islands of the Bissagos, sandy and in some places difficult to access, are Orangutans, Roa

The climate is warm-humid, with precipitation concentrated in the period between May and September. The innermost section is largely covered by rainforest, while in the coastal zone mangroves prevail.

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