What Continent is Guinea-Bissau in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Guinea-Bissau in?

Country Name : Republic of Guinea Bissau
Continent: Africa
Surface : 36.125 Km2
Capital : Bissau
Population: about 1,900,000
Language: Portuguese
Currency: CFA Franc
Time zone :- 1h compared to Italy
Country code for Italy: 0039
Country code from Italy: 00245


Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory for all travelers over 1 year of age. It is recommended for all travelers over 9 months of age.

Cholera is transmitted through infected food and water. Vaccination is recommended especially if you are going to rural areas where it is widespread and where access to clean water is limited.

What Continent is Guinea-Bissau in
What Continent is Guinea-Bissau in

Hepatitis A is generally transmitted through contaminated food and water, or through close physical contact with an infected person, while hepatitis B is transmitted through exposure to infected body fluids and blood.

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