Belgrade Map and Map of Belgrade, Belgrade on Map | Where is Map

Belgrade Map and Map of Belgrade, Belgrade on Map

Belgrade Map

Belgrade. Capital of the Republic of Serbia and the largest and most populous city in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Located at the confluence of the river Sava with the Danube river and on the edge of the pannonian Plain with the Balkan Peninsula, Belgrade is spread over an area of 3.222,68 km2, which occupy 3.6% of the territory of the Republic. The metropolitan area is home to a population of 1,756,534 inhabitants that represents 21% of the Serbian population, being therefore also the fifth most populous city in Southeast Europe, after Istanbul, Athens and Bucharest.

With a history dating back almost 7,000 years, Belgrade is recognized as one of the oldest cities in the world inhabited uninterruptedly, along with Byblos (Lebanon), Aleppo (Syria), Susa (Iran), Sidon (Lebanon) and Luxor (Egypt).

Often convulsed as the scene of clashes between the powers that successively dominated the region. The first settlements appeared with the prehistoric culture of the Headband towards the 4800 to. n. e. In the third century. n. e. settled by the celts and later the romans founded the town of Singidunum. The first documents containing the Slavic name Beligrad date from 878. In 1284 it passed to the Serbs of Sirmia, and from 1403, to the Despotado of Serbia. It was later also the capital of the Principality of Serbia, which became the Kingdom of Serbia in 1882, as well as of the different state variations of Yugoslavia between 1918 and 2003, as well as of the Confederation of Serbia and Montenegro until its dissolution in 2006.

Map of Belgrade
Map of Belgrade
Belgrade on Map
Belgrade on Map
Belgrade Map
Belgrade Map

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