Where is Punta Cana? Dominican Republic | Where is Map

Where is Punta Cana? Dominican Republic

Where is Punta Cana? Dominican Republic – Punta Cana is a city located on the east of the island of Hispaniola of the Dominican Republic, which to many resembles a paradise on Earth.

Where is Punta Cana?

The resort is a wide coastal line with gentle white sand, corals and lagoons, houses with palm roofs and developed infrastructure. Only a quarter of a century ago, tourists here did not meet: it was an unknown shore with mangrove thickets and pristine beaches.

Where is The Dominican Republic?

What country is the Dominican Republic in?

Almost at any time, Punta Cana welcomes you: the whole year is a pleasant hot weather. There are few precipitations in the region – only from May to mid-summer the rainy season continues.

Map of Punta Cana

Picture of Punta Cana

Map of Punta Cana
Where is Punta Cana

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