Where is Puerto Rico? Located On The World Map

Where is Puerto Rico? Located On The World Map – Puerto Rico is a country in the Caribbean, formerly one of the Spanish colonies, today the status of a Free Associate State, but located in a territory controlled by the United States. Puerto Rico is an island nation, with a large part of its population living on the island of the same name.

Where is Puerto Rico?

For most travelers, this sultry piece of Central America is associated primarily with the cozy beaches, the ultramarine shade of the sea surface, the Pina colada, and the vibrant rhythms of salsa. Exotic in this country is abundant, whether it is local nature or national cuisine. Add to this the architectural heritage of the colonial past, the indispensable Latin American carnivals, and the best rum in the world, and you will understand why most of the tourists are striving in Puerto Rico.

Map of Puerto Rico

Pictures of Puerto Rico

Map of Puerto Rico
Where is Puerto Rico

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