Where is Honduras? Located in The World? Honduras Map

Where is Honduras? / Where is Honduras Located in The World? / Honduras Map – It is easy to determine where Honduras is on the world map. It is enough to pay attention to Central America. However, if we talk about the continent and part of the world, then Honduras occupies part of the territory of North America.

Where is Honduras?

However, in fact, this state is located on the isthmus, which is located right in the center.

Honduras in the south borders with Nicaragua, the northern border divides with Guatemala, and in the northwest the line passes near the lands of El Salvador. The country’s territory for the most part is a highland. The shores of Honduras are washed by the Caribbean Sea and Fonseca Bay, which is part of the Pacific Ocean basin. This location can be called very successful, because travelers have the opportunity to choose the most comfortable conditions for recreation.

Quick facts

Population 8,296,693
Density 74.2 / km2 ( 192.0 / mi2 )
Language Spanish
Independence Year 1838
Capital Tegucigalpa (Francisco Morazan)
Currency Lempira
GDP 19,385,309,986 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 2,337 (2014 data)
Land Area 111,890 km2 (43,201 mi2)
Water Area 200 km2 (77 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador
Minimum Longitude -89.350
Maximum Longitude -83.150
Mininum Latitude 12.980
Maximum Latitude 16.510


Map of Honduras

Picture of Honduras

Where is Honduras - Where is Honduras Located in The World - Honduras Map
Where is Honduras – Where is Honduras Located in The World – Honduras Map


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