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Where is Budapest? On the World Map

Where is Budapest? On the World Map – Budapest dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. Modern Budapest preserved the former splendor of the imperial city. The majestic and unusual building of the Parliament, Gothic basilicas and baroque quarters are always full of tourists.

Where is Budapest?

The Hungarian capital is a place for sightseeing excursions of tourism, for a holiday in the famous thermal baths, as well as to explore the hearty Hungarian cuisine and delicious Tokay wine.

Budapest is the largest tourist center in Hungary: there are so many attractions and interesting places in it that most European cities have only to dream about. Many of the monuments of the city are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of their architectural, archaeological, or cultural significance.

Quick facts

Country Hungary
City of county right Budapest
Population 1,741,041
Elevation 111 m over sea level
Time Zone CEST
Longitude 19.039910
Latitude 47.498010
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Map of Budapest

Picture of Budapest

Where is Budapest On the World Map
Where is Budapest On the World Map

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