Where is Appendix? Located on the Body | Where is Map

Where is Appendix? Located on the Body

Where is Appendix? Appendix is on the right spoon. Appendicitis pain usually mixture gas sting or with regl and pms period pain in women. Appendicitis pain may several day. The most prominent feature is that, it occurs constipation with appendix. So, if you have appendix pain, you can not to go toilet.

Another distinctive painful feature, When your right spoon pain including girth circumference or right thigh in the pain of appendicitis. When the pain increased, you must be at hospital. Because of, When your appendix explosed, all the body poisons and your quickly death.

What Causes Appendicisit

There are pain in Around the belly. Then, pain to the lower right section with mild fever. You can be Digestive disorder, constipation or diarrhea. Even, due to dryness of your mouth and teeth, to be stomachless.

Where is Appendix
Where is Appendix Located on the Body

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