Where is Ankara, Turkey? / Ankara Map | Where is Map

Where is Ankara, Turkey? / Ankara Map

Where is Ankara, Turkey? / Ankara Map – Ankara is at Turkey and location in Central Anatolia Region. Central Anatolia Region is that heart of Turkey and It is in the middle of Anatolia. Neighbors of Ankara; Çankırı and Kırıkkale (North), Bolu and Eskişehir (West) Konya (South), Aksaray and Kırşehir (Eastern).

Where is Ankara

Ankara is capital city of Turkey. And you can find many different transportation. Also, specifically, If you want to go from Istanbul to Ankara, then you can use to different transport such as plain, bus, taxi or train. So, If you want to go used train, you can get in higher train between two city.

Where is Turkey?

Where is Istanbul, Turkey? Istanbul Map

Capital of Turkey?

Therefore, Because there are many means of transportaWhere is Turkey?tion, many tourist used this transport. When you come to Ankara, many tourist stayed Çankaya, Kızılay,Ulus and Kavaklıdere region. Because this regions have many historical sites and important places.

Quick facts

Country Turkey
Unitary authority Ankara
Population 3,517,182
Elevation 874 m over sea level
Time Zone EEST
Longitude 32.854270
Latitude 39.919870
Airport Ankara Esenboğa International Airport

Lastly, You can absuality see Anıtkabir place. Thanks.
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Map of Ankara

Picture of Ankara

Where is Ankara, Turkey - Ankara Map
Where is Ankara, Turkey – Ankara Map

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