I’m having hectic interference with my mother in law and sister

I need some guidance please. I’m having hectic interference with my mother in law and sister in law who say I’m depriving them of my daughter.

My daughter is 14 years old, she can see things for herself, see when she is being neglected by the family, she is not stupid , she has eyes, ears and a strong mind.

YET I’m getting blasted by them saying I’m depriving her of spending time with them. My daughter has said to me ” mom I don’t want to be around them be coz they treat me badly and they speak badly of myself” she had said to them NO yet I get the blame and get told that it’s me and not her , she doesn’t know what she is saying .

She is a very bright, beautiful young lady , who enjoys drawing , sports and Ofcourse is a big enthusiast of xbox therefore would rather play Xbox with her friends as they play online .
She had said to both grand mothers , you are both neglecting me ( her) and atleast MY mother has the decency to apologise and admit she had done wrong without my influence at all.

But now I’m being classed as the jealous one, etc and my temper is fuming . I’ve had the unfortunate case of having an injury on duty, where I fell down metal steps and sprained my hip and shattered my knees.

So I’m not very mobile till I have my knee replacements done ( but according to them there is nothing wrong with me ) but I spend time with her , we chat, listen to music have our mother and daughter moments.

What can I do to make the in laws understand that she does not want to be around the etc she wants to be with her friends rather. How do I stop them from attacking me and running me down , telling me I a rubbish mother.
Sorry I just needed to let that out

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