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Last year, my first born son passed away unexpectedly….

I’m not sure how I became a member of this group but I enjoy following the posts.

I’m definitely not strong though. Last year, August 16, 2017, my first born son passed away unexpectedly in his sleep from an undetectable heart condition.

He was 17 years old about to start his Freshman year of college. This last year, I have fallen hard. His birthday is coming up this Saturday. I’m just now at the point where I feel that I can go back to work again and pull myself together.

But this weekend I need strength. He’d be 19 but instead, forever 17. I feel like nobody understands. And I’m almost embarrassed someone added me to this group.

I know many of you have experienced loss. It’s been over a year. I’m ready for a normal life again, but it seems like I’m labeled now and having a hard time.

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