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I suppose it’s about time I told people about myself.

I suppose it’s about time I told people about myself. I love to give advice if I can help a person because I have been through so much.

At 9 yrs old my whole life changed not only was I being molested by a family member but I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was very sick and having cancerous polyps removed once a month for a whole year. They put me on medication after medication and told me I probably wouldn’t make it past 16.

I am 33 now and although I can hardly call it living with all the issues I have now I have 2 beautiful children to live for. I am now losing my legs due to Peripheral Neuropathy, I have a feeding tube for life because all my childhood illness has led to me having Chronic Pancreatitis with gastroperisis, I am allergic to the sun because of my medication and of course my luck I am also allergic to Aloe, I am also diabetic and on top of my Ulcerative Colitis I have Crohn’s.

I lost my mom to addiction when I was 26. I started raising my siblings working under the table jobs for friends of the family when I was 10 yrs old cleaning a beauty salon and mowing grass. I have seen addiction, I have had my innocence taken from me, and I know illness so if anyone needs to talk I am always here.

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