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You are with a man you love more than life.

So…. Question ladies. You are with a man you love more than life. Anything you ask for, and even things you don’t, he works his ass off to make sure you get.

He tells you he loves you all the time. He tells you you’re beautiful 50 times a day. He also loves to cuddle and even just be touching when sitting next to each other. 

??? So nice huh. What every girl dreams of….

So, three days after your married a woman shows up at your door. Long story that I won’t get in to. Needless to say, its a lady he’s been seeing FOR OVER A YEAR. She has texts to prove it. He still denies it. (we had a similar issue with it with female(s) when we first got together, but I thought it was over with…) So now I know things never changed. (and HE pushed to get married)

HERE IS MY QUESTION No, I’m not looking for you to tell me to leave or stay. I’m not stupid. But I’m 46, have recently been dx’d with NASH and terminal Small Cell Lung Cancer. Prognosis 5ish years. AM I PATHETIC FOR STAYING with him because I’m in the BEST relationship I’ve ever been in??? I’m dying, I will be gone soon. Am I stupid? Blind? Whipped? Worthless? Because I want to stay and die semi happy? Yes, it’s killing me on the inside, I’m not emotionless. Does this make me less of a person????? I’m so lost…..

 — kafası karışık hissediyor.

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