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What do you do and is this acceptable

Okay so got a question. What do you do and is this acceptable

Let’s say the guy you are dating has a child and a good relationship with her mother. No problem I think that’s great for the child.

But as time goes on he lies to you about money you lend him for rent and spends it on his ex and her two other kids that were not his step kids at any point. In the midst of this he promises he will stay at his own apartment while she stays at his moms. He broke that promise because he was too tired and couldn’t drive 5 mins to home

The ex comes and stays at his moms for a weekend (she lives 3 hours away) he he goes on and on to you how much fun he had with the kids. He is in the same home along with his mom that she and her kids stay in. He claims it’s to make his child happy

Yet he can’t see you this weekend because he has to plan for bills for the1st of the month. Mind you haven’t seen each other in over a month because of the distance and time.

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