Where is Mombasa Located? What Country is Mombasa in? Mombasa Map | Where is Map

Where is Mombasa Located? What Country is Mombasa in? Mombasa Map

Where is Mombasa Located?

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, the country’s main port and the largest resort on the Indian Ocean. The population is about 1.2 million inhabitants (2017). The capital of Kenya Nairobi is about 450 km away.

Mombasa is located in a Zone with a warm tropical climate. The most rainy months are April and may. The minimum amount of precipitation falls in January – February. The hottest season in Mombasa-from December to march, at this time the average temperature is + 31°C – + 33 ° C In June-August it is a little cooler here: + 27°up – + 28 ° up.

The city embraced the cultural traditions of the East African coast. At the disposal of tourists on the coast, there are all conditions for a good rest: first-class Hotels, cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs and Discos. Tourists can play Tennis or Golf, fishing, walking on boats, yachts, passenger ships, windsurfing, or you can sunbathe in peace and enjoy the gentle sunshine and beautiful beaches.

The attention of the guests also attracts: Portuguese fortress Fort Jesus (16th century).), Mosques, local souvenir market, main tourist road-Biashara.


Kenya’s second largest city is Mombasa. The city is located on Mombasa Island, directly on the Indian ocean. Not only is it the second largest city, it is also East Africa’s most important port city. By the Arabs, was founded in the eleventh century, Mombasa. In the following period, Mombasa experienced a rapid development due to the slave and ivory trade, making the city one of the most important trading Capitals in East Africa. The first European to come to Mombasa was world traveler Vasco da Cama. At the beginning of the 16th century, the church was built. In the 19th century, the Portuguese settled in Mombasa and were only expelled from Mombasa in 1698 by the Arabs from the Oman.
After the Arabs came to power, Mombasa declared himself independent under the Maznie dynasty in 1741. From 1856 Mombasa belonged to the Sultanate of Zanzibar. In 1963, Kenya gained its final Independence.

One of Mombasa’s landmarks is the huge tusks, which can be seen from afar. The tusks are placed in the form of a Arch, which you have to cross when entering the city. The Nyali Bridge is an important connection to the mainland, as well as between the beautiful Oriental city, and the North coast.

What Country is Mombasa in?

The kilometres of sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean, the colourful city centre and the breathtaking (National) Parks and excursions-quite honestly: we had to pinch ourselves in our arm every now and then during our Mombasa visit. The city is really a great spot on Earth, which has been annexed in recent years mainly by package tourists. As a result, along the beaches you will find some hotel facilities, which unfortunately the idyllic picture of the City already a little cloudy. But still, There are definitely a thumbs up – especially for the old town of Mombasa. It is filled with vibrant life and gave us an impressive insight into the diverse cultures of Kenya.

Mombasa Map

Where is Mombasa Located? What Country is Mombasa in? Mombasa Map
Where is Mombasa Located? What Country is Mombasa in? Mombasa Map

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