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What language is spoken in Istanbul?

What language is spoken in Istanbul? – There are 31 languages spoken in Istanbul, and at the beginning Turkish, Armenian, Albanian, Greek, Judaism and Kurdish.

How many people are talking to each language can be listed as follows::
400,000 people speak Turkish,
40.280 people in Greek,
24.114 people in Armenian,
17.201 people in Judaic,
6445 person Latin,
4468 Spanish people,
2223 French people,
1961 Italian translator,
1861 person Albanian,
1481 Arabic language,
1178 people speak Kurdish.

In addition to all these people, the following languages are spoken: Abkhazian, Norwegian, German, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Circassian, Filamanian, Georgian, Croatian, English, Swedish, Afrikaans, Latvian, Polish, Hungarian, Pomakian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Tatarstan.

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