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Capital of Maine? USA

Capital of Maine? USA – Augusta is capital of Maine. The city established near Kennebec river. According to last census living 20 thousands city. It is one of the small cities in United States.

Capital of Maine

Maine university opened in city on 1965. You can see State House (1829-32) in city. State House (1829-32) designed by Charles Bulfinch and hosts Minerva sculpture that Its high 185 m. and made of by W. Clark Noble. You can also see executive mansion in the city. This mension was the former home of James G. Blaine, But, He is unsuccessful in 1884 to presidential candidate.

Why was Augusta chosen to be the capital of Maine?

Absuality, I don’t know.

Lastly, Many of American people to go there Augusta city, because of It is one of the important holidays places.

Capital of Maine USA
Capital of Maine USA

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