Capital of Pennsylvania Usa | Where is Map

Capital of Pennsylvania Usa

Capital of Pennsylvania Usa – Harrisburg is capital of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is very beatiful and quiet city but climate is very bad and it rained once a week.

Capital of Pennsylvania

There are many beatiful places around it who you walking everywhere. Lancaster, Philly, Pittsburg etc. Especially, There are very nice village that they are very crowded population in Lancaster. Second street is very live on friday night and saturday night. Because, you can see this street all disco club and bars. End of the street, there are irish pub. And you pleasure this club.

When was Philadelphia the capital of the United States?

Lastly, There is a Nuclear power plant in the city and It has burst in 1979. Therefore, Many of Radioactive substance spread around.

Capital of Pennsylvania Usa
Capital of Pennsylvania Usa

Why did Harrisburg become the capital of Pennsylvania?
When was Harrisburg named the capital of Pennsylvania?

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