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Woliegt.net – About Tunceli

Woliegt.net – Tunceli is located in a very steep and mountainous region in the west of eastern Anatolia. The history of Tunceli dates back to very ancient times. The first inhabitants of Tunceli were Turkish tribes from Central Asia.

Wo ist – In the First World War, the Russians lost much in the face of heroic resistance from the Turks, even though they advanced as far as Pulumur. The creek that was entangled with the Russian dead in these collisions is called “Carrion Creek”. Russian troops were forced to retreat in the face of heroic fighting and resistance from the Tunceli people. In the Republican era, this region first became a province with the name” Dersim “and then” Tunceli”. Tunceli province was established on 30 December 1946.

Where Is Tunceli?

Wo Liegt – Tunceli is located in the Upper Euphrates Basin of the Eastern Anatolia region. Tunceli is surrounded by the provinces of Bingöl to the East, Elazığ to the South, Erzincan to the North, and Erzurum to the Northeast. Tunceli is a province with a population of 82,498.

Which Area Is Tunceli?

Tunceli is located in the Eastern Anatolia region of our country.

Places to visit in Tunceli

Although Tunceli is an Eastern Anatolian city, there are many structural differences. Tunceli has his own unique way of living. Elti Hatun mosque, Baysungur mosque, Korluca Village Inn located in the historical structures of the city at the same time is very beautiful in the East. Due to the fact that it is exotic and unknown, the interest of foreign tourists is increasing every day.

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Woliegt.net - About Tunceli
Woliegt.net – About Tunceli

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