Where is Yokosuka Japan? Map of Yokosuka | Where is Map

Where is Yokosuka Japan? Map of Yokosuka

Yokosuka, an important coastal community for centuries located at the end of the Bay of Tokyo and Yokohama, is now a huge Japanese and American naval base.

Yokosuka is a 1-hour direct train ride from Tokyo and 30 minutes from Yokohama.

Where is Yokosuka Japan
Where is Yokosuka Japan
Map of Yokosuka
Map of Yokosuka

The JR Yokosuka and Keikyu lines run from Shinagawa to Yokosuka, and the JR Shonan Shinjuku line connects the naval base with Shinjuku and Shibuya. All trips take about 1 hour. The JR station is a short walk from the center of Yokosuka, while the one on the Keikyu line is much more central.

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