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Where is Syria? Where is Syria Located on The World Map?

Where is Syria? – Syria Republic or another named Syria Syrian Arab Republic. Damascus city is capital of Syria. It is area 185.180 km2, population 20,910,000, language is arabic and religion is islam. Syria is Southwest Asia continent and heart of middle east. It is very important place in the middle east. Syria has border North and north-west Turkey, eastern Iraq, Jordon from south and Lebanon and the Mediterranean,israel from western.

Where is Syria?

When talk about Syria, Everybody are come to mind war, humans death, harassment and rape, isis. It takes to war there almost 4 years. More 3 million immigrants immigrated to Turkey Republic. Nowadays, due by war many people feels pain. People who their live still Syria,do not find basic need such as eat or water etc… If you want to help Syria’ people, please click where is the syria

To Sum Up, We must sensitive to Syria’ people and helped them.

Quick facts

Population 22,530,746
Density 122.7 / km2 ( 317.8 / mi2 )
Language Arabic
Independence Year 1946
Capital Damascus (Dimashq)
Currency Syrian Pound
GDP 40,405,006,007 (2007 data)
GDP per Capita 1,793 (2007 data)
Land Area 183,630 km2 (70,900 mi2)
Water Area 1,550 km2 (598 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries IraqIsraelJordanLebanonTurkey
Minimum Longitude 35.610
Maximum Longitude 42.370
Mininum Latitude 32.310
Maximum Latitude 37.320

Quick Facts About Damascus, the Capital Of Syria

City Damascus
Country Syria
Population 1,569,394
Longitude 36.29128000
Latitude 33.51020000
Elevation 701 meters over sea level

Where is Syria Located on The World Map?

Map Of Syria

Map of Syria -Where is Syria Located on The World Map
Where is Syria – Where is Syria Located on The World Map

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  • I sad to situation of syrian. Because of people death. Many of person do not find bread. God bless Syria. Thanks

    • whereismap

      Yes your right Caroline. I hope, whole humans noticed this war. Thanks

  • Syria is most important in middle east countries. Not only siituation and there are historical sites and live city center.

    • whereismap

      Yes, Absuality.


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