Where is Kingston New Zealand? Map of Kingston | Where is Map

Where is Kingston New Zealand? Map of Kingston

I used to sing the UB40 song, I loved it! I wanted to go to a concert in Madrid. Dreaming about the concert I recorded a cassette tape that I called “Hope”. Kingston Town was one of my favorite songs, along with Red, Red Wine but, after the roll that I just told you (memories!), this song is not talking about the same place I want to tell you about. The Kingston of UB40 is the capital of Jamaica, it is located on the south island of New Zealand, embracing the regions of Otago and Southland (to which it belongs).

Where is Kingston New Zealand
Where is Kingston New Zealand
Map of Kingston
Map of Kingston

It’s not Queenstown or Queensland. Queenstown is very close, 47 kilometers to the south, on the Southern Scenic Route, the most spectacular road you can imagine, in fact, they call it one of the ”NZ top touring routes” for a reason. Queensland is located in Australia, it is a very large area where Brisbane and the Gold Coast are located. Am I the only one messing with all these kings and queens hiding in city names? As a reward or punishment I ended up living in King St (the king’s street), hehe.

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