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Where is Kanai’s Cube? Located

Where is Kanai’s Cube? Located – Kanai’s Cube in Diablo 3 became a device that all players who downloaded the update have to owed it. But where is the Kanai Cube?

In fact, everything is very simple. The only real condition is an open third act. It is also desirable that it be passed. So, you will have more chances to defeat opponents who will not exceed you in level.

How to find Cube:

  • Open the menu and go into the adventure mode. You are only interested in one character, namely Zoltun Kull. Talk to him in the first city, and then move into the third act.
  • There you will be expected a new location and teleport to the Ruins of Secharon. In ruins, you will just have to run around looking for Cube.
Where is Kanai's Cube
Where is Kanai’s Cube

Where do I find Kanai’s Cube?
Where do u find Kanai’s Cube?
How do you use Kanai’s Cube?
Where is Sescheron?

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