Where is Iowa State? Where is Iowa Located in The World? Iowa State Map | Where is Map

Where is Iowa State? Where is Iowa Located in The World? Iowa State Map

Where is Iowa State?

“What does Iowa mean ?”- this question could bring in many millions quiz the candidates to despair. The phrase “I want to go to Iowa” also means for some travel experts the beginning of uncertainty.

Iowa-that is primarily the granary of the world. Every Iowa farmer feeds (statistically) 279 people, a quarter of them based outside the United States. Ioaw is a leader in maize and soybean cultivation, where the second largest number of pigs live. As far as cattle and sheep are concerned, Iowa is ranked 5, with eggs at 8 and with turkeys at least ranked 10.

Iowa is more. It is Mississippi and Missouri, which form and strongly influence the eastern and western borders of the state. In Iowa you will find two of the Hundred best universities in the USA, and they are state-run. In Iowa there are houses of Frank Lloyd Wright and remarkable collections of French Impressionists (e.g. in Muscatine). You can enjoy skiing in the Winter or in the summer in the holiday area of the Great Iowa Lakes.

And in Iowa you can find cultural diversity. Many nations have settled here and preserved many things: Dutch in Orange City and Pella, Czech in Cedar Rapids and Spillville, Danes in Elk Horn, Norwegian in Decorah and Sweden in Swedesburg. Of course, there are also German settlements, among others in Guttenberg am Mississippi. Members of a German revival church settle in Amana, Amish settlements are found around Kalona and Hazelton. Yes, you can even find a small Luxembourg Town (St. Donatus near Dubuque).

If you are looking for natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, skyscrapers as in New York, athmosphere as in New Orleans, located west of the Mississippi State, you will not find all this here.

But what he finds is a piece of us that is unadulterated. Here is the traveler, Explorer and Ambassador, he finds curiosity and hospitality, and he can learn a lot about everyday life in the United States. Here it can happen that, without knowing exactly how, you can find yourself on a warm summer evening at the BBQ in the midst of strange friends who find it normal to ask the traveler to sing songs from his home.

Iowa calls itself Hawkeye State. You need these to explore the country. If you own them, there is a lot.

Where is Iowa Located in The World?

Facts & Figures
Time Zone: Central Time
Climate: humid continental
Population density: 20.50 inhabitants / sq km
Population growth: 2.1% (2000-2007)
geographical indications: highest point: unnamed location in Osceola County (569 m)
lowest point: Mississippi River in Lee County (164 m)
agricultural products: Corn, Soya, oats, hay
wooded area: 6.8 %
Annual Income (2007): Average: $ 35,023
Unemployment rate (2007): 3.8 %
Poverty rate (2007): 9.6 %
state tax: 5 %
Neighboring States: Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin

tourist information
Intercontinental airports: in Iowa no
Interstates: 29 (152 m), 35 (219 m), 80( 307 m)
235 (Des Moines, 15 m), 280 (Davenport, 18 m)
Maximum speed: 70 miles / hour (interstates Overland & cross-border freeways)
55 miles/hour (other roads)
other traffic rules: compulsory seat belt: yes
Helmets required: no
Restraint system for children under 3 years
Overnight at the edge of the road: forbidden (fine, if necessary, imprisonment)

Iowa State Map

Where is Iowa State? Where is Iowa Located in The World? Iowa State Map
Where is Iowa State? Where is Iowa Located in The World? Iowa State Map

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