Where is Hawthorne California? What County is Hawthorne in | Where is Map

Where is Hawthorne California? What County is Hawthorne in

Hawthorne is a city of approximately 85,000 residents located in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County.

It is conveniently located between many of the largest interstates in Southern California, giving visitors easy access to the abundant attractions found in the area.

Where is Hawthorne California
Where is Hawthorne California

Hawthorne is just a few minutes inland from many of the most amazing beaches and coastal towns in the area, making it popular with beach lovers and sun lovers who prefer not to pay the common tourist fees at hotels a few kilometers away.

Below are 15 fun, educational and engaging things to do in and around Hawthorne that feature prominently on many visitors’ itineraries.

What is Hawthorne California famous for?
Is Hawthorne a part of LA?
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