Where is Crystal Lake Illinois? What County is Crystal Lake in | Where is Map

Where is Crystal Lake Illinois? What County is Crystal Lake in

Crystal Lake, Illinois is a suburb in the extreme northwest of the Chicago metropolitan area, whose namesake lake is the main point of interest, in addition to the charming downtown district.

For those of you who have seen Friday the 13th, this is not THAT Crystal Lake, and there is no Crystal Lake Campground here either.

Where is Crystal Lake Illinois
Where is Crystal Lake Illinois
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake

But, for those of you who haven’t already, Camp Crystal Lake was the setting for the movie where serial killer Jason Voorhees roamed.

This lake is so inspiring that the first person who saw it proclaimed: “That water is very clear, it looks like crystal!”and so the name of the village was born.

The water in the lake was so clean that ice became a big deal when it froze in winter, as the ice in the lake was chopped up and shipped around the area.

That was until refrigeration was invented and the ice business thawed.

A wealthy businessman loved this area so much that he bought 1,000 acres and built his dream mansion on them, with a railroad to the front door.

What has developed around the lake since its founding in the 1830s is a community with a love for the outdoors and the hospitality of a small town, while continuing to seek the comfort of a nearby city.

Downtown Chicago is only an hour away.

What I find especially attractive for a tourist here is that the lake is not available only to residents, as many riparian communities in the country have such restrictions (I’m looking at you, Connecticut).

The only drawback is that there are only four hotels in the city, but they are all located near a shopping area and the lake.

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