Where is Cambridge New Zealand? Map of Cambridge | Where is Map

Where is Cambridge New Zealand? Map of Cambridge

Cambridge is “the village of trees and champions”. Its streets with lush trees, heritage buildings, antique shops and thoroughbred breeding grounds stand out.

Where is Cambridge New Zealand
Where is Cambridge New Zealand
Map of Cambridge
Map of Cambridge

The beautiful rural village of Cambridge is located in the heart of the Waikato horse breeding district. It has charming tree-lined streets and many well-preserved heritage buildings. Cambridge is legendary for its excellent horse breeding and success in the Melbourne Cup: 13 of the cup winners have been bred here. While in Cambridge, you can shop for antiques and art, attend a horse show, try local restaurants, embark on an eco-adventure and enjoy splendid parks and gardens. There is an interesting museum in the old courthouse, at the southern end of the main route.

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