Where is Berwyn Illinois? What County is Berwyn in | Where is Map

Where is Berwyn Illinois? What County is Berwyn in

You’ll never feel like doing laundry on vacation more than in Berwyn, Illinois.

This dense suburb is only 16 kilometers west of downtown Chicago.

Berwyn is divided into four districts:

Where is Berwyn Illinois
Where is Berwyn Illinois

Roosevelt Road: Entertainment area
Cermak Road: Mix of restaurants and shops with a diverse atmosphere
Depot District: Walkable area near the hospital, restaurants and shops
Ogden Avenue: Also known as historic Route 66

Next to Cermak Road, you will find the largest laundry in the world.

That’s the real name, not just a description.

Even people who live here and have washing machines still choose to come here to wash their clothes.

This neighborhood has the shape of a rectangle on its side and ranges from more elegant houses on the south side to duplexes on the north side.

Berwyn is very diverse, with 63% of its residents being Latino/Hispanic.

Each district offers something special, but it is not a place with a plethora of tourist attractions.

That makes perfect sense because there is not a single hotel in Berwyn.

This is a great place to visit for an afternoon or an evening, but it is not going to be a place in which you will fill a whole week of vacation.

Near Berwyn is located:

Oak Park with a population of 51,878. In the past year there have been 0 violent crimes, 1 murders, 0 rapes, 147 burglaries with intimidation, 37 assaults, 1,983 property crimes, 577 residential robberies, 1,324 robberies, 82 vehicle thefts, 6 arson attacks.
Riverside with a population of 8,875. In the past year there have been 0 violent crimes, 0 murders, 0 rapes, 5 robbery with intimidation, 4 assaults, 190 property crimes, 21 residential robberies, 162 robberies, 7 vehicle theft, 0 arson.
In Illinois, the state where Berwyn is located, weighting the average to the population of Berwyn (the average city in Illinois has 48,596 inhabitants, Berwyn has 56,800), we obtain that for the same number of inhabitants there were: 2,409 violent crimes, 6 murders, 131 rapes, 197 robbery with intimidation, 237 assaults, 1,147 crimes against property, 460 residential robberies, 928 robberies, 197 vehicle thefts, 11 arson attacks .

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