Where is Beluga Alaska? Map of Beluga | Where is Map

Where is Beluga Alaska? Map of Beluga

The round prominence on the face of beluga whales is called the “melon”, and it seems to fulfill a certain function in their vocalizations.

Where is Beluga Alaska
Where is Beluga Alaska
Beluga Alaska
Beluga Alaska

Beluga whales are known for being very talkative, and scientists identified at least 11 different sounds coming from beluga whales, including whistling, squealing, cackling, meowing, chirping, trilling, and chime-like tones. When beluga whales vocalize, their melons visibly shake. Beluga whales mate in March or in April, and they are pregnant for almost 15 months. The mother breastfeeds her calf for about two years. Beluga whales can live about 40 years, although they should be on the lookout for their natural enemies – polar bears and killer whales.

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