What Country and Continent is Turkey? | Where is Map

What Country and Continent is Turkey?

What Country and Continent is Turkey? – The official name of Turkey is Republic of Turkey. Turkey is located between the Asian continent and the European continent which is surrounded by sea on three sides and a country.

Where is Turkey?

There are Bulgaria to the northwest of Turkey, Greece to the west, Georgia to the northeast, Armenia to the East, Iran and Nakhichevan to the southeast, Iraq and Syria to the southeast. Aegean Sea to the west, Black Sea to the north, Mediterranean to the South. Turkey consists of seven geographical regions.

The capital of the country is Ankara province in the Central Anatolia Region. The most important cities of the country are Istanbul, izmir, Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Trabzon, Muğla, Bursa, Erzurum, Mardin, eskişehir and Diyarbakır. The official language of the Republic of Turkey is Turkish. He also speaks in local languages such as Latvian, English, Kurdish.

The currency of the country is the Turkish Lira. There is no official religion in Turkey, which is a secular state. But the majority of the people of the country are Muslims. Turkey is experiencing Four Seasons. It is suitable for every season to visit the country. There is an International Airport in Turkey in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Dalaman and Adana. There are direct flights to Turkey from many countries.

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