What Continent is Gabon in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Gabon in?

Gabon is located south of Cameroon and is almost cut in half by the Equator, to the west it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, while further inland we have some not very accentuated mountain ranges. Compared to the African average, Gabon is a richer country, thanks to mineral and oil resources and the export of timber (almost 3/4 of the state is equatorial forest); the population, very small considering the total area, lives mainly along the coastal strip.

What Continent is Gabon in
What Continent is Gabon in

Form of government Presidential Republic
Surface 267.667 Km2
Population 1,811,000 ab. (2013 census)
2.312.000 ab. (2022 estimates)
Density 8.6 ab / km2capital Libreville (599,000 ab.)
Currency CFA Franc
Human Development Index 0.706 (112 posto
French language (official), bantu regional idioms
Life expectancy M 65 years, F 70 years

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