What city is Grand Canyon? How do I get to Grand Canyon | Where is Map

What city is Grand Canyon? How do I get to Grand Canyon

Where is Grand Canyon National Park?

State Of Arizona
Type National Park

Location in the northwest of Arizona
Brief information the Park includes parts of the Colorado Riverwalk and the adjacent Highlands. As one of the greatest examples of Erosion, the Park offers unrivalled views from the edge to the eroded world of the Colorado. The Park is a UNESCO world-nature-heritage.
The mainly visited southern edge is more than 2,100 m above sea level, the northern edge even more than 2,400 m above sea level. Air line is the distance between South and North rim approx. 15 km. To get on the road from the south to the north edge, you have to drive about 350 km. The temperature inside the canyon can rise to 50° C (in the shade) in summer.
Visitors CA. 5,00,000 a year (i.e. about 13,700 per day)
Size of the Colorado flows on a length of 460 km through the Park. At the southern edge you can easily visit a 50 km long route. From the northern edge you can also go on excursions – but on unpaved roads. Other viewpoints (especially on the northern edge and on the southern edge of the Hualapai Indian Reservation) are not accessible with normal equipment.

What city is Grand Canyon?

Opening time southern edge open all year round, Nordrand closed from the end of October to mid-May.
Getting there bus connections via Nava-Hopi-Tours of Williams and Flagstaff.
A historic Iron Railway runs from Williams to the Grand Canyon.
If arriving by car, be sure to arrive at the Park early, as the number of parking spaces is limited !
The Grand Canyon Airport is located directly on the southern edge of the park in Tusayan.
Admission fee, National Parks Pass will be honored
Southern Edge Facilities
some campsites and several accommodation options (must be booked in advance !)
Grocery stores, numerous Restaurants and petrol stations are available.
Northern edge
Camping is available, as well as a small shop.
Other infrastructure in Jakob Lake (70 km north)
Attractions in the visitor centre and in the historical Kolb Studio exhibitions and information about the Grand Canyon and in particular about its creation.
Free Bus Shuttle to Hermit’s Rest (no private car traffic) and to the starting point of the Bright Angel trail.
Numerous Hiking trails along the rim. Viewpoints on the way to Desert View.
Ascent and descent to Colorado is only possible with overnight stay in the Valley. Accommodation (Phantom Ranch or adjacent campground) must be booked in advance (booking possible 5 months in advance). Descent to the river is also possible on mules (also 2-day Tour, booking is mandatory). Crossing the canyon (back and forth) requires at least four (better five) days.
Very informative Ranger tours are organised from the visitor centre.
Note from 2002 at the latest, the new visitor centre currently being created will be available. It is then planned to stop the journey with own vehicles to the edge of the canyon.
Environment In Tusayan numerous Accommodation, catering and shopping facilities, as well as the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater.

How do I get to Grand Canyon

Where is Grand Canyon National Park? What city is Grand Canyon? How do I get to Grand Canyon
Where is Grand Canyon National Park? What city is Grand Canyon? How do I get to Grand Canyon

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