My heart is heavy tonight ladies and I need some feedback!!! | Where is Map

My heart is heavy tonight ladies and I need some feedback!!!

My heart is heavy tonight ladies and I need some feedback!!! I dont feel I’m in the wrong, I’m just a big sister trying to settle a family issue!!!! Where do I start:((( My babysister has 3 kids and she is my daughters age, my dad had a second family after him and moms divorce! Well SOMEONE molested my nephew when he was 10 mths old and now he is 3…. we accused my baby brother which was 21 at the time because hes been accused before with other children! My sister swore it had to be our brother so I disowned him!!!

Well I got ahold of the Steve Wilko show because i want the truth and i ASSUMED my lil sister did too for the sake of her child!!! Let me back up, we know for certain he has been molested because his lil butt is infested with vaginal warts. He had to go to children’s to get medicine…this baby will live with this stran the rest of his life!!! My brother also had them so we matched it up and it only made sence…. well anyway back to Steve Wilko….

I asked my sister tonight if she would go so we could expose our brother and she got defensive and said it wasnt our brother that it was someone else but she womt tell me…. told me I dont care about her and her kids and never have…thsts a lie…my sister is my heart!!! We have always been really close!!! I need to know the truth so this monster can be charged as seen fit but she wont help me!!! What do I do and why wont she go after this monster!?!?!?

She has always been a fib teller on things but I would of never guessed she would let a child molester go free, especially one that touched her baby!!!! My heart hurts!!!! I dont understand her!!!! Plz be kind girls, my life changed tonight and I’ve lost my baby sister because she fails to do what’s right!!! I feel she knows it happen and dont want anyone to know…. and she still has the family believing our baby brother did it!! Whst kind of mom does this!?!??!

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