Where is Las Vegas, NV? / Located, Nevada Map | Where is Map

Where is Las Vegas, NV? / Located, Nevada Map

Where is Las Vegas, NV? / Located, Nevada Map – Las Vegas is the epicenter of excitement, a city-holiday and the greatest combinator, who made a name for himself on the main human weaknesses – the passion for the game and the hope of sudden enrichment.

Where is Las Vegas

Spread out in the middle of the barren Mojave Desert, this extraordinary city is one of the greatest mysteries of our time: nothing is produced here, but people earn millions, there is infernal heat in the summer, and there is not a single pond, but the flow of tourists besieging city hotels does not stop.

Las Vegas is the last stop on the way to paradise. They do not count the time here. There are no wall clocks, there are only endless snack bars and rivers of drinks.

Quick facts

Country The United States Of America
State Nevada
Population 583,756
Elevation 613 m over sea level
Time Zone PDT
Longitude -115.137220
Latitude 36.174970
Airports Boulder City Municipal Airport, Las Vegas-Henderson Sky Harbor, Mc Carran International Airport, Las Vegas City Hall Helispot, North Las Vegas Air Terminal

Map of Las Vegas

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Las Vegas
Where is Las Vegas

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