Is Syria part of Asia or Africa? | Where is Map

Is Syria part of Asia or Africa?

Syria is located in the east of the Mediterranean and is a Middle Eastern country. Syria is located in the north and northwest of the Arab Republic of Turkey, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the South, Lebanon to the West, Israel and the Mediterranean.

Where is Syria?

Syria is a country with many historical structures that have hosted various civilizations and cultures. The Syrian country is governed by the multiparty presidency type Republic. The country consists of 14 regions. The capital of the country is Damascus, the most developed and largest city. The official language of the Syrian country is Arabic. In addition, most of the country’s population speaks French. The currency is Syrian Lira.

Where is Aleppo, Syria?

The majority of the Syrian people are Sunni Muslims. The desert climate prevails in Syria. The best dates for visiting the country are September and may. Syria requires visas for visits not exceeding 90 days. Since there were civil wars in Syria, flights from America to the country were cancelled.

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