Abuja Map and Map of Abuja, Abuja on Map | Where is Map

Abuja Map and Map of Abuja, Abuja on Map

Abuja Map

Abuja. It is the capital of Nigeria since the former capital of the country, Lagos, was replaced by it in December 1991. It is located in the center of the country with a population of 778,567 according to the 2006 census, adding the metropolitan area reaches more than 1 million inhabitants.

It is a planned young city that began to be built in 1976 in a central place with easy access and a pleasant climate, in which the seat of government, the National Assembly and the Supreme Court are located among other institutions.

It is the best planned city in Africa, and one of the healthiest and most expensive on the continent. However, the low-income population living in peripheral areas does not have running water, electricity or sanitary conditions.

Map of Abuja
Map of Abuja
Abuja on Map
Abuja on Map
Abuja Map
Abuja Map

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