Where is Azerbaijan? Located in The World? Azerbaijan Map

Where is Azerbaijan? / Where is Azerbaijan Located in The World? / Azerbaijan Map – Azerbaijan located in Caucasia that the point of reconnaissance of West Asia and Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan who has Area of 87,000 square kilometers, is a country biggest area of South Caucasus.

Where is Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has negihbors Caspian Sea (in the eastern of country), Armenia (in the western of country), Iran (in the southern of country), Russia (in the northern) and Georgia (in the north-west of country). Baku is capital city of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan seperated 59 provinces, 75 cities and 9 economic divisions which named Rayon.

Population of Azerbaijan about %94 spoken Azeri Turkish language and outside Azeri Turkish language spoken Russian and English language in country. According to secular a country, there is no officially religion in Azerbaijan, but a big majority of Azerbaijan is Muslims.

Therefore, There is Orthodox Christians in the country. Azerbaijan have a temperate black climate and winter seasons long and cold and summer season is cool in the highest area. You can find fly or bus ticket from around World.

Quick facts

Population 9,493,600
Density 114.9 / km2 ( 297.6 / mi2 )
Language Azerbaijani
Independence Year 1991
Capital Baku (Baki)
Currency Azerbaijanian Manat
GDP 75,198,010,965 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 7,921 (2014 data)
Land Area 82,629 km2 (31,903 mi2)
Water Area 3,971 km2 (1,533 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries GeorgiaIranArmeniaTurkeyRussia
Minimum Longitude 44.770
Maximum Longitude 50.610
Mininum Latitude 38.400
Maximum Latitude 41.910

Map of Azerbaijan

Picture of Azerbaijan

Where is Azerbaijan - Where is Azerbaijan Located in The World - Azerbaijan Map
Where is Azerbaijan – Where is Azerbaijan Located in The World – Azerbaijan Map

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