Where is Alanya Located? What Country is Alanya in? Alanya Map | Where is Map

Where is Alanya Located? What Country is Alanya in? Alanya Map

Where is Alanya Located?

The ancient border town of Alanya is one of the favourite destinations of the Germans, many even settled here. No wonder: the mild climate, the beautifully laid-out pedestrian Promenade, the beaches and the diverse possibilities of leisure activities invite you to linger.

What Country is Alanya in?

The Castle Hill, which is about 300 metres high, is surrounded by the sea on three sides: since ancient times it has served as a fortification, the ruins visible today date back to the 13th century. From the viewing platform you have a wonderful view over the surrounding area.

It is 35 metres high, Octagonal and now houses a small Museum.

Four caves, and a Seljuk shipyard (Tersane) located in the Interior of the mountain – a cave is accessible by Land, for the rest of the sights you have to take a boat trip.

The town Museum illustrates the history of the city with exhibits from antiquity and the middle ages.

The beaches to the East and west of the city are lined with beautiful Hotels – one of which is named after Cleopatra, because the Roman Emperor Marc Anton has made her Alanya a gift. If the choice of accommodation has not yet been made before departure, everyone will find it.

Alanya Map

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