What Country and Continent is Sri Lanka? | Where is Map

What Country and Continent is Sri Lanka?

What Country and Continent is Sri Lanka? – Sri Lanka is a South Asian island country and is located in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is located in the south of India and is surrounded by the sea on all sides. Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, stands out with its natural beauty, ancient temples, vast beaches and rainforests.

Where is Sri Lanka?

The country has a surface area of 65.610 square kilometers. Sri Lanka is governed by the parliamentary system. The country consists of 9 states. The city of Kotte is located in the western province and is the capital of Sri Lanka. The commercial capital of the country is Colombo. The official languages of Sri Lanka are seylca and Tamil. Besides these two languages, English and Portuguese are also spoken in the country.

Sri Lanka is a multi-religious country, and the majority of the country believes in Buddhism. Besides Buddhism, there are also believers in Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Sri Lanka has a warm and humid climate. The best time to visit the country is between July and October, with little rainfall. Sri Lanka does not require visas for visits not exceeding 30 days. There are direct flights from America to Sri Lanka.

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